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Learning Training and Development

At Tezeract we focus on creating a healthy work environment and disciplined culture, where individuals are empowered to discover and try new skills, learn from mistakes, to do their best without having any fear. Apart from developing technical skills Tezeract allows their members to improve their soft skills like leadership qualities, personality development, and effective communication.

Talent Journey

Step 1

We first pick culture-fit people, then we technically trained them and allow them to get familiarized with the company environment

Step 2

During the probation period, we train them on real-world scenarios and live projects in a collaborative team environment so that they can have the opportunity to grow

Step 3

We make them learn leadership concepts through existing scenarios, enabling them to make decisions with the margin of making mistakes.

Step 4

We trained them with books, and leadership session to empower their leadership concept with empathy. So that they can make more leaders like them.

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