Visa Application Assistance Bot is an AI-powered Visa slot booking platform that automates appointment booking for visa applications. This can save a significant amount of time and effort for both the applicant and the visa office. The main idea behind the app is that it checks for available visa appointment slots from the website,  scrapes information from it, and posts available slots information in a telegram group where users can seamlessly book their appointments for VISA interviews and biometric verification.

Technology stack used

Telegram API


Fast API

The AI-powered Visa slot booking platform helps

Efficiently track available
Visa appointment slots

Frequently Check for Available
Visa Appointment Slots

Automating Visa booking
appointments in one place

Receive change notifications
for available slots

Appointment booking for visa
application at your convenience

Effortlessly book your
visa appointment in no time.


AI Visa slot booking platform streamlines and optimizes the visa application process, utilizing Python, Selenium, and AWS Lambda. It continuously scans and Check for Available Visa Appointment Slots on visa office websites, gathering all the necessary information. Once slots become available, it promptly notifies users through a dedicated Telegram group, providing real-time updates on availability.


Visa Application Assistance Bot is implemented advanced features, including CAPTCHA solving and real-time notifications via Twilio and Telegram, enhancing user experience and application success rates.

VisaBot Tezeract
VisaBot Tezeract

With just a few clicks, users can access the latest information on available slots and secure their appointments for visa interviews and biometric verification. No more endless scrolling through websites or frustrating attempts to find an opening that fits your schedule. 


Visa Application Assistance Bot does the heavy lifting for you, by automating Visa booking appointments, making the entire process smooth and efficient. Whether you’re applying for a holiday visa, student visa, or work permit, this handy bot has your back