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Leading AI Company In Pakistan

Tezeract was founded in January 2021 by a few like-minded individuals working on cutting-edge technology of Artificial Intelligence when they recognized the importance of raising awareness about AI and its inevitability, which led them to embark on this journey together.

They gathered up to begin this journey of learning, growth, and challenging experiences. As their main goal was to enhance AI scope in Pakistan and to enlist Pakistan among the Leading Artificial Intelligence Companies in the world.

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People Behind Tezeract

Final Team Tezeract

Abdul Hannan

Co-Founder & CEO
Humna, COO

Humna Shafqat

Co-Founder & COO
Daniyal, Senior MERN Stack Developer

Daniyal Habib

Senior Mern Stack Developer
Muzammil, Head of Design Department

Muhammad Muzammil

Lead UI/UX Designer
Final Team Tezeract

Fizahat Sheikh

AI Research Engineer
Iqra, Project Manager

Iqra Shafqat

Project Manager
Mannan, AI Engineer

Abdul Mannan

Senior AI Engineer
MERN lead, Arooba

Arooba Irfan

Lead Mern Developer
Sehrish, SQA Engineer

Sehrish Bhukhari

Lead SQA Engineer
Mahtab Fatima, Digital Marketing Manager

Mahtab Fatima

Digital Marketing Manager
Rafay, Senior MERN Stack Developer

Muhammad Rafay

Senior Mern Stack Developer
Shahzain, AI Engineer

Shahzain Haider

Junior AI Engineer
Mahnnor, SQA Engineer

Mahnoor Sheikh

Junior SQA Engineer
Final Team Tezeract

Zainab Saleem

Junior AI Engineer
Final Team Tezeract

Yarooq Anwar

Junior Mern Stack Developer
Final Team Tezeract

Munneb Ullah

Junior Mern Stack Developer
Final Team Tezeract

Fouzia Rais

Junior UI/UX Designer
Qudsia, MERN Developer

Qudsia Ahmed

Junior Mern Stack Developer

Inside Our Workplace

Team building is a vital pillar for the development of any successful organization. Our Team consists of compatible individuals who are working collectively and collaboratively towards achieving a common goal which is to be among the Leading AI Companies in Pakistan!

Together We Bring Innovation!

We are always looking for talented individuals to work in a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative environment.  Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re an experienced professional, we offer exciting opportunities for growth, learning, and advancement. Join us now!

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