Step into the world of digital transformation with our brand-new website

Our New website is live


Our New website is live

Great news everyone, It’s finally here: Our New website is live!

Announcing the launch of our new website💥🎉

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new website!🖥️🚀

Our team has put in countless hours to create a website that will leave you amazed with a sleek and modern design, easy-to-use interface, expert resources, and seamless functionality, everything you need is now in one place.

Our Goal

We understand that enhancing a website goes beyond improving its appearance. It requires us to comprehend what the visitor wants and expects from it. The information should be easily accessible, and readable, and must cater to their queries. Therefore, we have reorganized our website to fulfill these needs.

Here are some words from our CEO on the launch of our new website

Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website! This moment is special for us and a significant milestone in our organization’s journey, symbolizing our resolute dedication to providing exceptional experiences and innovative solutions.

Our website is more than just a digital presence; it is a gateway to a world of possibilities. We have poured our hearts and minds into crafting an online platform that reflects our culture & values, showcases our expertise, and creates a seamless and engaging experience for you. With a sleek and modern design, intuitive navigation, and cutting-edge features, our website is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

We become the top AI service provider in Pakistan by providing Artificial intelligence services Machine learning & Business intelligence solutions. Our goal is to be at the top in providing AI solutions, firstly in Asia and then globally. We have created a platform that not only meets your current needs but also lays the foundation for future growth and collaboration.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to our dedicated team who worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life. I invite you to visit our new website and experience the future of our brand. I am confident that you will find it engaging, informative, and inspiring!

Abdul Hannan,

CEO, Tezeract.

Our new website is created to demonstrate our expertise i.e. providing Artificial Intelligence services, especially in the domain of Computer Vision and aligning with our brand positioning, and how we are creating value. It offers an improved and innovative design with a clear and consistent navigation system to revolutionize your online experience! 

So, let’s dive deep into it.

What’s New On Our Website

Our new website highlights our proficiency in the field of Artificial Intelligence and showcases how we are transforming the business to reach new heights by delivering innovative Business Intelligence tezeract SaaS solutions and tezeract AIaaS solutions and through our top graded Computer Services and Machine Learning Solutions

Below are some amazing website new features & enhancements added in Tezeract new website

Revamped User Experience 

Our website now boasts a user-friendly interface that enables seamless browsing and navigation. We’ve also made sure that information is easy to find and presented in a way that’s engaging and informative. Our engaging and efficient design ensures that users can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for by navigating from one page to another without any hassle. 

Eye-Catching Visuals

Our redesigned website features stunning visuals that will capture your attention and keep you engaged. From icons and graphics to animations and images, we’ve used a range of visual elements to create a clean and minimalist layout that’s easy on the eyes. With our new and improved website design, you’ll enjoy a visually engaging experience that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Lightning-Fast Speed 

We understand that speed is essential when it comes to browsing the internet. That’s why we’ve fully optimized our website to deliver exceptional speed, ensuring that pages load seamlessly and quickly on your browser. With our lightning-fast speed, you won’t have to wait around for pages to load or deal with frustrating lag times. Instead, you’ll be able to explore our website effortlessly and find the information you need in no time.

Actual Representation Of Our Culture 

We’re proud of our company culture and the values that guide our work. That’s why we’ve created a culture page on our new website that highlights our vision, mission, values, and beliefs. This page ensures that users get an authentic representation of our culture and understand what we stand for as a company. We believe that by sharing our culture, we can connect with our Partners/Clients and the Right people to build strong, lasting relationships based on shared values and goals.

Value Creation For Partners & Clients

At Tezeract, we firmly believe that value creation is the key to success. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our partners and clients, and to demonstrate this commitment, we have created a dedicated section to showcase our proven track record of turning innovative ideas into reality using our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Services & Machine Learning Solutions. Our case studies offer tangible, real-world examples of the impact our work has had on our partner’s/client’s businesses and highlight the value we bring to the table. 

Old vs New Website Comparison

Our old website was great, but our new website is even better. We’ve redesigned it from the ground up to make it more user-friendly, visually appealing, and functional.

Our new website is faster, easier to navigate, fully showcasing our culture and client satisfaction, and filled with new visuals to help you get the most out of your experience. 

So, let’s discuss the comparison of our New Vs Old website

Old Website Design

Although the old website had a decent design and visuals, we recognized that there was room for improvement.

Revamped Website Design

Our new website has a sleek and modern design with improved speed and visuals, providing a seamless user experience.

Step into the world of digital transformation with our brand-new website Tezeract

Past Services

Our old website presented a limited view of the services we provided. We had improved our services over time but had not updated them on the website.

Enhanced Services

Our new website provides a comprehensive view of our services and improved technical expertise, making it easier for clients to make informed decisions.

We are now offering expert AI consultation in a range of cutting-edge domains, including Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics, NLP & Chatbots, and Bussiness Intelligence Solutions & Services.

Step into the world of digital transformation with our brand-new website Tezeract

Previous Workflow

As there is always a margin for improvement, we recognized that our workflow design was not as efficient as it could be. We took few feedback from our clients and hence decided to give it a new look.

Upgraded Workflow

We have significantly improved our workflow design and process with a more inclusive problem-solving approach. And that’s what we had tried to portray on our new website.

Step into the world of digital transformation with our brand-new website Tezeract

Untapped People Development

We believe that our people are our greatest asset. But, we were missing out on an opportunity to show how investing in our people leads to success and to highlight the importance of people’s development for their growth.

Actual Representation Of Our Culture

Our new website now showcases our culture and commitment to people by highlighting and promoting the programs, training, and other opportunities we offer to our team members for their growth.

Step into the world of digital transformation with our brand-new website Tezeract

Value Creation For Our Clients

We strive to provide the best possible Artificial Intelligence services & Machine Learning Solutions to our partners/clients. However, we fall short of showcasing our client’s reviews on our previous website, and the value we created for them.

Showcased Client Satisfaction

We have created more value and significantly improved partner/client satisfaction by delivering quality results and the best possible Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence services to them and hence showcased their reviews on our new website.

Step into the world of digital transformation with our brand-new website Tezeract

What’s Next plan

As there is always a margin for improvement, we will continuously strive to improve our website to provide you with a better experience. We will be frequently adding new content to our website including case studies, blog posts, and our top-notch Artificial Intelligence Services 

We Value Your Opinion

Experience our new website for yourself and share your thoughts with us. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve accomplished and look forward to hearing from you.

Your feedback is important to us as we strive to improve our services and enhance our customer experience. So give scroll to our website and let us know what you think of our new website by filling up this feedback form.

If you are also struggling in your business and need AI consultation to transform your business from good to great, We are here to help you with our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision services, Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics Solutions, and NLP. Contact us now!

Join us in experiencing the next level of innovation today!

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We are looking forward to staying connected!

Mahtab Fatima

Mahtab Fatima

Digital Marketing Manager


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