MailPitch is an AI-powered Haro email automation tool that integrates ChatGPT with the HARO platform to generate personalized pitches tailored to individual preferences and automate your Haro pitches with AI. The main idea of this HARO automation tool is to scan and extract all relevant Haro queries as arrive from Gmail inbox, generate relevant and customized responses for the relevant queries, and sort them into a sheet.

Technology stack used



Fast API

Mailpitch Tezeract

The Key System Features

Automated Email Sorting

Automatically sort scan and sort relevant HARO queries from HARO email in Gmail.

Personalized pitches

Generate personalized HARO pitches using GPT-3 tailored to industry insights.

Edit Response

Review the pitches and edit the response is required

AI-powered HARO email automation tool helps

Scan and Extract relevant
Haro pitches for users

Instantly produce
personalized HARO emails

Seamlessly Automate
your haro pitches with AI

Create custom Haro
pitches faster than ever before

Reduced manual time
spent crafting emails

Increased number of
personalized pitches sent


MailPitch represents an innovative AI-driven solution designed to streamline the HARO pitching process through seamless email automation. By harnessing the power of ChatGPT integrated with the HARO platform, MailPitch revolutionizes the way professionals engage with media opportunities.

This Haro email extractor tool continuously monitors incoming HARO queries within the user’s Gmail inbox. It leverages natural language capabilities to swiftly identify relevant queries aligned with the user’s expertise and preferences and uses AI capabilities to craft tailored responses, ensuring relevance and personalization for each query.

Mailpitch Tezeract
Mailpitch Tezeract

This Haro email automation tool automates the entire pitching workflow, from query detection to response generation. It systematically sorts responses into a convenient spreadsheet format. By automating these tasks, this HARO automation tool frees up valuable time for users, allowing them to focus on other essential aspects of their work

MailPitch empowers professionals to capitalize on HARO’s vast network of media opportunities with unparalleled speed, precision, and convenience.