Peersuma is an AI Video Editing Tool developed using Advance video editing techniques to generate Automated small and crisp videos, combined with different filters and motion effects all within seconds, It’s a customized solution developed to automatically cut a long video short within seconds. The idea behind the Peersuma was to remove the barriers of having a video editor do massive video editing like complex professional software.

The major challenge behind Peersuma was to minimize the time and effort required in the manual video editing processes of cutting long-format videos into brief shorts, scenes, and edits of specific moments with Automated Video Editing. Search for anything, speech, people, objects sounds, and actions, This tool will analyze the uploaded video and images through AI, extract the best moments, and merge them into an amazing fresh shot.

Peersuma Technology Stack





Peersuma image

The Key System Features

Automated Video Recap

Create a customized video of important moments having some extra effects with just one click of the mouse

Slide show images

Easily combine your photos into a stunning slide show with captions or music in the background

Advance video search

Search anything, text, speech, objects, sound action, and scenes in raw footage and get automated short clips related to your goal.

AI-based Automated Video Editing tool helps

Create and update amazing videos
in minutes, not weeks

Transcribe voice in video and edit
it at your preference

Astonishing Slide shows through
AI video generator

Add AI video effects to your
final composition

Automatically cut down your video
to generate short clips

Find anything you are looking for &
save time retrieving raw footage


Peersuma is an AI-automated Video editing tool developed using advanced video editing techniques to help video editors edit and transform their videos into multiple shots or clips. This tool can be used to produce fresh and beautiful snippets for your desire by cutting long pauses, junk, and irrelevant scenes from the video.

The main purpose of this Advance AI video editor is to minimize the manual efforts required while editing a lengthy video into little useful & favorable chunks. If you are single-handed company CEO and managed all your editing-related work then this solution will be your complete marketing toolkit, just select built-in templates as per your feasibility, add AI video effects, and get automated generated Video results.


Peersuma desktop mockup
Peersuma desktop mockup

Peersuma is an Automated AI video generator that uses Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing, and Advance Video processing techniques to extract transcripts of the desired video which users can edit, include and exclude within the final video all with just one drag & drop of their mouse. Users can do an Advance video search to extract video snippets of a specific moment, scene, or action by just entering the keyword in the search bar.


This tool aims to help all marketers, business owners, and videographers to design powerful, influential, editable, visually appealing, and engaging clips. It aims to save the time, money, and effort of the user by automating the system to such an extent that the user needs just drag and drop to have the desired results without the need for any professional knowledge.