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AI-based Image Labelling Tool

Ai4nomads is an image labeling tool developed using AI and Advance Computer Vision techniques to make image labeling for AI models to be accessed by laymen on the tips of their hands. Ai4nomads eliminates the complexity and skills required for labeling images while keeping it interesting by creating a creative and competitive spirit among users.


AI-driven Liveness Detection Tool

Voltox is an AI-based solution built using advanced Computer Vision and OCR scanning techniques serving purposes like KYC or identity verification through AI-powered liveness detection and passwordless authentication through real-time facial recognition. Voltox  provides a generalized solution used by industries like Banks, Fintech, Hospitals, Shopping malls, insurance, telecommunication, e-commerce, retail, etc for hassle-free auth.


AI-powered Football Coach

FormOle is a fully automated AI solution for sports, It ought to provide complete virtual coaching as well as serve as a social media platform for sports fans. The idea was to help sports enthusiasts to improve their sports experience without having to join any academy in person or hire a personal professional guide. 


AI-automated Graphics Designing Tool

Doozoo is an AI-driven graphic designing tool built using Image generation and Natural Language understanding mechanisms to automate the hassle of designing visual content like graphics, ads, posts, and so on. This tool wraps the process from specifications to design results from days to seconds, while maintaining the simplicity and flexibility.

Deep Duck

AI Photo Editing Tool

Deepduck is a solution that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision methods to detect faces on photos, videos, and gifs to replace them with other faces of your choice. This media editor generates AI-powered seamless quality results in no time to provide users with an exciting experience.


AI-Based Photo Editing App

Photosthetic is an advanced photo editing application. It helps you apply AI Filters of your choice to improve the visual quality of images making them aesthetically creative and beautiful. Photosthetic helps you upload an image of your choice and apply the desired filters, it lets you choose the quality and resolution by setting the required canvas size for the image to make your photos look adorable and flawless.

3D Face Model

Automated 3D Face Reconstruction Tool

A 3D-Modeling Solution for Face Reconstruction developed by using 2D images, performing Image Processing, and overlaying with Face X-rays to generate its automated 3D Model.


AI-generated Video Editing Tool

Peersuma is an AI video editing tool to generate automated small and crisp videos, combined with different filters and motion effects all within seconds. This tool will analyze the uploaded video and images through AI, extract the best moments, and merge them into an amazing fresh shot. 


AI-Assisted File Management System

Alisia is an OCR Detector and file management system developed for organizations, and firms to manage confidential data of their employees within a single system. The system can export documents in different file formats and can perform a smart search on them.

Photo Retouch

AI-based Photo Enhancer Tool

Photo Retouch is a web application built using Computer Vision that comprises three main features AI background remover, Smooth skin to enhance facial features, and Digital makeup to apply makeup on portraits and images bringing up life to your dull and old photos.


AI App To Provide Automated Highlights

Spintip is a sports video analytic solution specially built for Tennis gameplay. Spintip allows users to upload a video or record a live video from the device for video processing and gets an automated highlighted video of the Tennis gameplay. It aims to entertain sports fans as well as save their time and energy by providing them with a summary of the entire match.


AI-based App To Collect Automated Feedback Through Gesture Detection

Duckends is a platform that detects like or dislikes gesture in real-time through advanced computer vision implementation of custom object detection.

Dance Motion

AI-assisted Dance Training App

AI Dance Coach was developed to transform a physical dance platform into a virtual space, without compromising the goal of making students master dance art under a professional’s supervision and improve their dance skills through AI analysis, feedback, and comments on their dance performance, removing the barrier of being physically present in a dance academy.


An Automated System To Do Predictive Analysis For Traders

Tezeract’s AI Business Solution works on forex trading and forecasting through the implementation of feature engineering, Machine Learning Algorithms to make predictions and assist traders with Technical Analysis.

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