AI Projects Case Studies

Over the span of just one year, Tezeract managed to make significant accomplishments and our AI Projects Portfolio is an evident representation of it. We have so far worked in diverse sectors to become Innovative AI Solution Provider including Sports, Health, Finance, Security, Education providing quality solutions leveraging the technology of AI and aim to keep doing so. These projects helped us to be rank among the Top AI Companies in Pakistan.


AI powered Application to give users a sporty experience

FormOle is Tezeract’s one of the interesting AI projects. It’s a Mobile Application developed using Computer Vision Solutions to give its users a sporty experience. It ought to provide completely automated Virtual Coaching as well as serve as a Social platform for Sports fans.

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AI based Application to provide Automated Highlights of Tennis Gameplay

Spintip is a Hybrid Mobile App developed using Advanced Video Analytics, Computer Vision for Real Time Video Analytics to help users watch highlights of games instead of watching the whole match. It aims to entertain sports fans as well as save their time and energy by providing them automatically generated highlights of Tennis Gameplay

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AI-based App to collect Automated Feedback through Gesture Detection

Duckends is a platform which detects Like or Dislike Gesture in Real Time through Advanced Computer Vision implementation of Custom Object Detection

QR App

An AI-Powered Mobile App to scan and detect QR codes in documents

It’s a Mobile App that uses QR Technology by automatically scanning pages, detecting QR codes on them, decoding and extracting information from QR to categorize and arrange pages sequentially, and compiling them into a document file.

Front Office

An automated system to do Predictive Analysis for Traders

Tezeract’s AI Business Solution that works on forex trading and forecasting through the implementation of feature engineering, Machine Learning Algorithms to make predictions and assist traders with Technical Analysis.


AI-Based Photo Editing App

Photosthetic is an Automated Photo Editing application built using Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Style Transfer. The idea behind the App was to improvise the concept of enhancing images by applying AI filters and selecting the canvas size of images making them creative and beautiful.

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An App which Assists users to pick a Suitable mask

An application that performs Real Time Face Recognition specifically designed to assist the users with the selection of masks with their suitable sizes.


An App for Pets to prevent them from getting lost

A social app developed using a Machine Learning Algorithm for pets which intends to increase the probability of getting reunited with your lost pets by locating them and detecting their breeds through Real Time Face Recognition.

3D Face Model

An AI-Based 3D Face Reconstruction

A 3D-Modeling Solution for Face Reconstruction developed by using 2D images, performing Image Processing, and overlaying with Face X-rays to generate its automated 3D Model.


AI Assisted Dance Training App

AI Motion Dance is Tezeract’s AI Projects developed and integrated with an existing system using React, Python, and Computer Vision Solutions. It allows users to watch, learn and improve their dance skills by watching and following video lectures from experts. This is done by using combining and implementing different Pose Estimation Techniques.

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Photo Retouch

AI-based Photo Enhancer Tool

Photo Retouch is a web application built using Computer Vision that comprises three main features AI background remover, Smooth skin to enhance facial features, and Digital makeup to apply makeup on portraits and images bringing up life to your dull and old photos


AI-based Advance Video Editing Tool

Peersuma is an AI Video Editor to generate Automated small and crisp videos, combined with different filters and motion effects all within seconds. It minimize the manual efforts required while editing a lengthy video into little useful & favorable chunks

School Attendance System

A real time attendance marking system

An automated attendance system for schools that marks students’ attendance through liveness check by Gesture Performance, Facial Detection and Real Time Face Recognition.

Map App

An AI-based wildfire exposure assessment tool

An artificially intelligent project to detect environmental exposure risks and prevent wildfire events by identifying areas that are at high risk of catastrophic fire caused by wildland fuels through Arial Visualization. It represents the high-risk area in the form of rasters within different sections of diameters.