AI-Based Photo Editing App

Photosthetic is an Advance Photo Editing application. It helps you apply AI Filters of your choice to improve the visual quality of images making them aesthetically creative and beautiful. The idea and challenge to build Photosthetic were to upload an image of your choice and apply the desired filters, it let you choose the quality and resolution by setting the required canvas size for the image to make your photos look adorable and flawless. 

AI Dance Coach

AI Assisted Dance Training App

AI Motion Dance was developed to transform a physical dance platform into a virtual space, without compromising the goal of making students master dance art under a professional’s supervision and improve their dance skills through AI analysis, feedback, and comments on their dance performance, removing the barrier of being physically present in a dance academy. Dance instructors can manage their dance classes, upload dance video lectures, and keep track of each student’s performance and progress.


AI-powered Football Coach

FormOle is a fully automated AI solution for sport, It ought to provide completely Virtual Coaching as well as serve as a social media platform for sports fans. It allows users to upload their Videos for automated analysis, get results, and share that result on social media or to other users as a challenge to beat that. The idea was to help sports enthusiasts to improve their sports experience without having to join any academy in person or hire a personal professional guide. 


AI App to provide Automated Highlights

Spintip is a sports video analytic solution specially built for Tennis gameplay. The main functionality of Spintip is that it allows users to upload a video or record a live video from the device for video processing and gets an automated highlighted video of the tennis Gameplay. It aims to entertain sports fans as well as save their time and energy by providing them a summary of the entire match, it removes the barrier of watching the whole sports event in place by replacing it with edited highlights of the match.


AI-based Advance Video Editing Tool

Peersuma is an AI Video Editing Tool to generate Automated small and crisp videos, combined with different filters and motion effects all within seconds. This tool will analyze the uploaded video and images through AI, extract the best moments, and merge them into an amazing fresh shot. The main purpose of this Advance AI video editor is to minimize the manual efforts required while editing a lengthy video into little useful & favorable chunks. 


AI Based School Attendance System

Navex is a complete AI Tracking System for School Transport Management. It automates all the manual scrutiny required for AI Tracking for buses throughout the process of children onboarding on a school bus to reaching their school, marking their attendance, and getting back home safely. It serves for multiple challenges that schools and parents come across every day by providing track of children’s whereabouts to parents, student’s automatic attendance by Real-Time Face Recognition, children’s safety, and security, and the School, Ride Attendant of bus, and Parents coordination.