Basic Guide On How Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing UX Design In 2024

How AI Influencing UX Design



Don Norman is one of the founding figures of UX design and he also shares a great example of good versus bad UX design as people opening a door by pushing and pulling it in the wrong direction most of the time people blame themselves for this but UX design tells us that this isn’t the user’s fault it’s the fault of the person who designed the door if a door has a handle that you can grab it’s telling the user that it’s meant to be pulled these doors are called ‘Norman Doors’ because Don Norman first coined the term when using these doors as an example of bad UX design.

If we were to apply good UX design to a door we would first assess how the door will work and then give the user the correct mechanism to perform the right action It’s sometimes frustrating for users but when businesses have websites and digital products and their users don’t know what to do or how to achieve their goals it can have a substantial negative business impact that’s why UX design is such a lucrative and in-demand career path at the moment 

Basic Guide On How Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing UX Design In 2024 Tezeract

Up till now, I have provided you with a brief history of UX designing. From here I’ll discuss how AI is influencing the field of UX. So let’s dive deep into it.

What is UX Design?

UX stands for user experience and the term design implies the planning of object construction, workflow, and how it looks after completion. So we can define the term UX design as “Planning the structure and design of the product that will provide the best user experience so that users find it helpful and enjoyable.

3 Main Factors of UX design

There are three main factors in UX design

Producing user-focus design

The first factor is meeting the user’s needs this means that whatever the user came to do using your product or service you must make sure that they’re able to achieve that outcome. Let’s take an example to understand this, in an online food delivery service the user has come to get food to be delivered within a certain time so considering this factor means delivering the right food at the right time to the desired user

Ensuring the best user experience 

The second factor is that your product or service is easy to use & learn. Let’s connect it with the food delivery example discussed in the first step, this means that the user finds it easy to browse and find the food. It should be easily adaptable means that even if the user never used this service before you know exactly what to do and it’s just as easy as though you’ve done it 100 times

Providing freedom of action

The third factor is that the user should always have control and freedom now let’s connect it with the food delivery example again this means that If the user changed it’s mind about the food or want to cancel or reschedule the order they can do it easily.

Surprise customers with free resources

Let’s connect it with the food delivery example offers users a free voucher for their next order or the delivery person greets users with a warm smile and thanks them for using their service to make users feel special and wants them to use that product again

Influence of AI on UX

UX design is primarily concerned with fulfilling user needs in the simplest most effective way possible. The sweet spot for any UX design project is to create an experience that meets the best of both worlds. Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence technologies gain its learning by continuously leveraging data, and so does User Experience design, which is an iterative process of optimizing the product based on testing and feedback. So, UX design and Artificial Intelligence go hand in hand to create the best experience.

Basic Guide On How Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing UX Design In 2024 Tezeract

Top 3 Ways How AI Influencing UX Design

So here are the top 3 ways how AI influencing UX design in this regard.

Data visualization

Analyzing voluminous data sets to procure insights, identify patterns, and customize user experiences. Quicker analysis of voluminous data to develop patterns, trends, and insights. A good amount of data always help Artificial Intelligence to train model more accurately it depends on the quality and quantity of data

Eliminating prejudices while A\B testing

Dynamic testing of specific aspects of the user experience based on user characteristics. Usability testing always relies on the involvement of humans (designers and consumers) which naturally included biases in the decision because humans involve emotional attachments in researching and interviewing customers and making decisions, on the other hand, Artificial Intelligence plays a very supporting role in usability testing. Test 4 times faster to observe users and their behavior in-depth in their journey and analyze effective feedback for improvements. Artificial intelligence also filtered out useful and actionable insights that help in UX improvement.

  • Reduce manual effort
  • More efficient and time-saving
  • Machine learning-based insights
  • Human effort is augmented


Hyper-personalisation through millions of permutations and combinations is truly useful to users. Nowadays every e-commerce website is using artificial intelligence in the manner to know what the user wants, recognize the taste of the user quickly and show the results without searching. Artificial intelligence-based product recommendation works as a stylist for users that help them save time and also build strong customer relationships. This helps not only UX designers but also the stakeholders that they are not losing their regular customers moreover the number of customers is increasing daily.

Important Tips 

Users are very curious about new features they use in today’s applications that integrate Artificial intelligence. Users want to know how AI features are working. It’s a job of a UX designer to highlight what is Artificial intelligence and what’s not. When a user is aware of the product and feature they use the application more confidently and trust on data.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence is great for solving problems, and UX is quintessential to finding out which problem to solve first. Machine learning will cause us to rethink, restructure, displace, and consider new possibilities for virtually every experience we build. The integration of Artificial Intelligence with User Experience opens the way for many exciting applications. 

In this article I’ve tried to provide cover what is UX design, it’s factors, and how AI influencing UX design. The main goal of writing this article is to put a positive effect of Artificial Intelligence on UX design and user experience. The combination of UX design and Artificial Intelligence is the promise for the future. Accurate use of both can make revolutionary changes in the world of technology.

Thank you for reading! Hope this article helps you out and cleared your concepts regarding how AI is influencing UX. In the next article, I will discuss how Artificial Intelligence helps designers to improve their design and results in a better user experienced

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