Photosthetic is an Advance Photo Editing application built using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, and Advance Computer Vision by implementing Neural Style Transfer. It helps you apply AI Filters of your choice to improve the visual quality of images making them aesthetically creative and beautiful. The key perspective behind the App was to improvise the concept of enhancing images for your personnel and business needs.

The idea and challenge to build Photosthetic were to upload an image of your choice and apply the desired filters, it let you choose the quality and resolution by setting the required canvas size for the image to make your photos look adorable and flawless. After these processes user can place their order for the selected frame. One thing that makes it different from other Photo Editing Apps is that users can have a print form of the image. It was built using Advance Photo Editing Techniques through the implication of technologies like Pytorch and Python.

Photosthetic Technology Stack






Before after image comparison - Advance photo editing

The Key System Features

Upload the Image

Upload an image from your device to get a fully enhanced image through advanced photo editing techniques. 

Select & Apply Filters

Select any AI filter you want to put in. Try it and preview the changes.

Preview and Place Order

After applying the effect and selecting the frame size preview the image and place the order for its print format.

AI-powered Advanced Photo Editing System helps

Add AI filters to make your photos
look best and most admirable

Bring life to old photos by adding aesthetic and flawless effects

Enlarge, sharpen, and rotate the
image with a single click

Save your time for the creative
process through automated editing

Scaling the size of an image
make them clean and clear

Preview image before getting ready
for any web and print format


Photosthetic is a web application developed using Computer Vision and Advance Photo Editing Techniques to edit your pictures and create beautiful artistic design by applying different effects. 

If you are a photoholic and love to capture scenes/events then surely you would also like to edit them to relive and cherish those memories. Photosthetic make this happens through the implementation of Neural Style Transfer and the art of Synthetic Media.

The core function of the application is to enable the user to do photo editing by uploading an image, Try a variety of available effects/filters on the image to polish up your image design. It also helps you edit and resize the image by zooming in, zooming out, and rotating the image without losing the quality.

Applying filter screen
Payment method of app

Photosthetic is basically an Image Enhancer Tool that uses Computer Vision, and Neural Style Transfer with new & modern AI Photo Enhancing Techniques to edit and generate a fully artistic impression of the image that which users can place an order and get an aesthetically designed image in their hands.

The system aims to help users create and style that looks beautiful and admirable, saving their time and energy wasted in manual editing of an image by automating the whole process of uploading images applying AI Filters, and placing an order for the image. Keeping them satisfied and happy!