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Tezeract is an Innovative AI Solution Provider endeavoring to establish an unbiased world with expertise in Computer Vision and other AI related technologies, aspiring to be entrenched in top AI companies in Pakistan.

We mainly offer services of AI based solutions that cover the areas of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics, Time-Series problems, and Natural Language Processing.

Data Science
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Natural Language Processing

Finance and
Algorithm Trading


Mobile Application Development


FormOle AI powered Application to give users a sporty experience

FormOle is an AI powered Mobile Application developed using our Computer Vision expertise and Machine Learning  to give its users a sporty experience. It ought to provide completely automated Virtual Coaching as well as serve as a Social platform for Sports fans.

SpinTip AI based Application to provide Automated Highlights of Tennis Gameplay

Spintip is a Hybrid Mobile App developed for Real Time Video Analytics to help users watch highlights of games instead of watching the whole match. It aims to entertain sports fans also save their time and energy by providing them automatically generated highlights of Tennis Gameplay

Alisia AI Assisted File Management System

Alisia is an OCR Detector and file management system developed for organizations, and firms to manage confidential data of their employees within a single system. The system can export documents in different file formats and can perform smart search on them.

Photoretouch AI-based Image Enhancer Tool

Photo Retouch is a web application built using Computer Vision that comprises three main features AI background removal, Smooth skin to enhance facial features, and Digital makeup to apply makeup on portraits and images bringing up life to your dull and old photos

Peersuma AI-based Advance Video Editor Tool

Peersuma is a AI video editor tool used to generate Automated small and crisp videos, combined with different filters and motion effects all within seconds. It minimizes the manual efforts required while editing a lengthy video into little useful & favorable chunks

Photosthetic AI-Based Automated Photo Editing System

Photosthetic is an Automated Photo Editing application built using Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Style Transfer. The idea behind the App was to improvise the concept of enhancing images by applying AI filters and selecting the canvas size of images making them creative and beautiful.

our WORKFLOW We love to offer the assistance in the following stages

Consultation and Idea Rectification

Consultation and Idea Rectification

We will have a collaborative session with you to fine-tune your pristine idea.
Architecture and Prototype Designing

Architecture and Prototype Designing

We will perform comprehensive analysis and design system architecture and interface
Releasing Minimal Viable Product MVP

Releasing Minimal Viable Product MVP

We will apply the best approach using latest tools and tech to deliver a fully featured MVP
Handing Over the exclusive Rights

Handing Over the exclusive Rights

We will transfer the full internet protocol along with exclusive rights of your product


We love to collaborate Let's Jump into the 30 mins collaborative session

Tezeract's Power House Expert individuals who are working efficiently to make tezeract among top ai companies in Pakistan.

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A glimpse of what our valued partners have to say about Us

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A wonderful dance training app developed and integrated with an exciting system using our  Computer Vision Expertise, ReactJS, Python. It allows users to watch, learn and improve their dance skills by watching and following video lectures from experts.

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Navex is a complete School Transport Management Solution developed using Computer Vision and AI Tracking that automates all the manual scrutiny required throughout the process of children onboarding on the school bus to reaching their school, marking their attendance, and getting back home safely. 

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