A Basic Guide to Top 50 Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used in our daily life with examples in 2023

Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence used in our daily life with examples



Many people are deeply concerned about the term Artificial Intelligence and how it will grow to transform our futures, whether it’s here to replace our workplace, or will it lead to robot wars just like the terminator.

But that is not the case, current research and studies show that there are many ways AI can benefits to society AI can help in many positive ways providing better and more efficient lives. The fact is that the control of AI depends on us how we make use of it, whether in a good manner like making automatic cars, designing security cameras OR making robots to be used negatively, or drones designed to be utilized in Wars. 

As technology is swiftly progressing, many fresh startups are emerging with the realization of the worth and potential Artificial Intelligence holds. Before moving further here is the famous quote by Ginni Rometty

“Some people call this Artificial Intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.”

So, Let’s move forward to our core topic Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence used in our daily life with examples.

Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence used in our daily life with examples

AI in business

AI in Improve customer experience

All of you must have visited such websites where you came across chatbots. Through these chatbots, customers can directly talk to the companies to register their complaints, discuss their problems, place orders, get information, and ask whatever they want to ask and discuss.

Chatbots are built using Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning to acknowledge customer requests and answer in a personalized way as if it was a real-life representative to boost conversions.

These are some AI customer experience examples for improving customer service apart from, as technology is growing there will be many others in the future.

AI in Product Recommendation

Many companies use AI-powered recommendations, studying customers’ behavioral analytics to put up their products in front of them that will line up with their needs & desires and build their curiosity enhancing their buying decisions. Companies like Spotify, Amazon, Starbucks, and Nike, study and predict the behaviors/interests of their customers for personalized recommendations.

You have often seen AI recommendation systems that give you recommendations related to your interest while watching movies on Netflix, these are AI-powered recommendations to engage users and build their interest within the environment. Netflix saves $1 billion every year through these suggestions.

A Basic Guide to Top 50 Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used in our daily life with examples in 2023 Tezeract

These are one of the most prominent real life AI use cases example

Improved & Target Marketing

In the current era of technology, apart from traditional marketing, digital marketing is taking hype and many companies are advertising digitally. Still, the key that leads to successful and effective marketing is to target the right audience at the right time. Here is when AI in marketing comes to play.

For improved marketing, companies create targeted ads/campaigns for specific segments of the audience based on their interests and decision-making powers to make them buy specific products/services, having boosted sales and maximized ROI.

Monitoring Customer Retention

Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, companies can scan and measure how others are aware of their brand. By using Semantic Analysis, companies measure emotions -how people associate them with a brand through personalized software that gathers insights from social media posts, brand mentions, and reviews. The companies monitor this data and identify the area of improvement.

AI Use Cases in Manufacturing

AI in Predictive Maintenance

Machine breakdown or any fault causing the machine to stop in the middle of its operation will be the biggest nightmare for any company, But it can be solved through predictive maintenance. It’s a process of detecting machine failure before it occurs, helps companies to detect and fix anomalies and minimize downtime. AI in predictive maintenance can save companies from massive losses.

AI in Defect Detection & Quality Assurance

Quality control and assurance are a big matter of success in manufacturing, but human vision always comes with inconsistency and human error because the naked eye can only see to some extent. However, AI can see and detect much more than that.

There are specially designed computer vision systems to help manufacturers identify defects, missing pieces, dents, holes, cracks, and any damage to make the QA process more reliable and precise. Many giant products like Nokia, Apple, Sony, and FIH adopted AI for their quality control processes and to minimize defect detection. This is one of the most important industrial AI applications.

AI in Robotics

In manufacturing, companies use AI process automation to automate complex processes and minimize human workload, here comes Robotic Process Automation(RPA) enabling robots to perform repetitive, complex, and dangerous tasks involving complex queries, prolonged calculations, and maintenance of records seamlessly. Human interference is only required if robots occur with any anomalies or exceptions.

There are many giants like Amazon, Cognizant, etc are using RPA to streamline their work process, reduce cycle times, improve workplace safety, and boost employee morale and productivity.

AI for autonomous vehicle

One of the most common benefits of AI is that Autonomous vehicles are getting enormous attention. Recently Tesla manufactured self-driving AI cars with an autopilot that can do all the actions a real human can do while driving a car like taking sharp turns, breaking & accelerating, parking & lane changing making real-time decisions on the road. 

A Basic Guide to Top 50 Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used in our daily life with examples in 2023 Tezeract

Today these self-driven and autonomous vehicles can be found globally even though there are self-driven trucks and ships to deliver goods on long routes used in trading giving rise to AI use cases in transportation. According to Mckinsey the need for autonomous vehicles is increasing steadily and is expected to make 10 to 15 % of global car sales.

AI Use Cases in Retail

AI in Logistics & Inventory management

If you have a large warehouse locating and predicting items out of stock is a very hectic process and challenging process. A major problem faced in warehouses is overstocking and understocking. Overstocking will results in the wastage of products while understocking will result in loss of revenue and customers

To get away from this restless process companies are adopting Artificial Intelligence in warehouse management. There are Computer Vision systems destined using Object Detection & Advance Machine Learning Algorithms that can optimize inventory & logistics management processes providing more accurate demand forecasting and minimizing inventory-related losses and simplifying resource management.

AI in Supply Chain management

AI-powered systems reduce the manual efforts required in warehouse management, thus keeping the process faster at delivery at the right committed time. Systems like this work error-free for a longer period reducing the number of errors and workplace incidents. AI can predict optimal routes for drivers, track vehicle’s real-time performance, and suggest optimal routes according to historical data available.

Customer Engagement & Satisfaction

With the help of IoT- enabled technologies retailers can give valuable insights into customer’s journeys without even interacting with them e.g some companies provide gadgets like Ipads to customers to browse menus, order food, play games and provide feedback. AI in customer management will keep customers engaged as well as help companies watch their behavior trends, and their interests and provide them with a personalized experience, increasing customer engagement.

This is not the end, many companies are also using check-out free experience for their customers, saving valuable time for their customers from long queues and making them buy at their convenience, customers can easily. These stores/restaurants use Computer Vision to detect when someone added something to the bucket and automatically detect money from their account. Amazon was the first company to introduce a check-out-free store.

Customized Selection

With AI-powered data, you can target more specific customers based on behavior data through AI-personalized messaging, showing them customized ads, and showing them interesting discount offers. This will increase sales and reduce the unnecessary cost spent on several advertising campaigns. AI techniques will help companies stock the inventory at the right time by analyzing customer preferences, and sales season. Stores use Computer Vision to monitor customer journeys to place their product where they can typically find it.

AI Use Cases in Banking & Finance

Fraud detection & Risk Management

In today’s digital world, multiple transactions are made daily around the globe, with users paying bills, depositing money, and withdrawing checks. Realizing the scrutiny Artificial Intelligence in banking becomes effective. The AI-based system helps banks detect fraudulent and suspicious activities, and track flaws in their system minimizing security risks.  

Through the use of AI and machine learning, banks detect the attempt of wrong transactions being made from an account by immediately blocking the account and alerting the customer. Also, cognitive ML models can detect. For example, Danske Bank relapses its old fraud detection system by implementing AI fraud detection algorithms and notices that the bank’s fraud detection capability increased by 50% and reduced false positives by 60%.

Process Automation

AI Process automation in banks will computerize the business process, increasing efficiency and reducing cost by automating time-consuming repetitive & routine tasks, helping banks and financial sectors to provide a better and error-free experience to customers. This will also empower employees to put their time into more important and sophisticated work.

For example, banks are using the OCR to optimize their File management Systems to store data and save time searching data through piles of documents with just one click. Some systems can detect patterns in legal documents saving tons of hours of human labor. For e.g Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon are using process automation in their systems.

Loan Decision & Credit Assessment

By implementing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, banks can safely make intelligent credit assessments and better loan decisions. AI systems will determine the creditworthiness of potential borrowers by analyzing the behavior and patterns of customers who do not have a credit history. Apart from this machine learning can evaluate borrowers without bias and emotions eliminating humna risks.

Use Cases of AI in security

Spotting out Anomalies 

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more efficient and smart due to its intuitive ability to improve security. Artificial Intelligence combined with machine learning & deep learning analyzes the organization’s network behavior. The pattern present in the network is recognized by AI. If it recognizes any irrelevant behavior, it will instantly spot the anomalies and inform the network. In this way, security personnel can use AI for anomaly detection.

Cyber attackers often hide under networks to enter organizations, change their credentials, and steal their sensitive information. Machine Learning Algorithms will easily catch them. For example, Ml models can detect risky patterns used in outbound spam emails for phishing attempts.

Malware & threats detection

Attackers are constantly searching for new ways to attack and enter the organization’s networks, therefore, it is necessary to protect a network against damage caused by malware here Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity comes into play by analyzing large amounts of data to make speculation about malware and threat before it is ever opened.

For example, there are specially designed security cameras that analyze the poster and movement of persons and detect any suspicious activities like thieves trying to break into the house, someone trying to steal packing at the front door, etc.

Tackling Vulnerability

Artificial Intelligence in cyber security can solve complex problems, identify the gaps in operational networks, minimize the workload, and increase the problem-solving and decision-making of security personnel So that they can focus on high-priority and more important tasks. Deep Learning Algorithms can be used to root out hidden patterns which are useful in identifying zero-day vulnerabilities or activities.

For example, Evolve technology is an AI-based security system to analyze footage of people in real-time to determine if they are authorized persons. If the visitor is highlighted as prohibited their profile will be sent to the security officers, who will analyze them and send them back to the model. Security personnel can now spend their time on more productive things.

AI Use Cases In Healthcare

Analysis of medical images

As technology is passing by there is a huge increase in medical data, most of the time the data is in pictorial or graphical form. This can be X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Dermatology & CT scans, and MRIs. All these images acquire complex structures which are time-consuming and laborious to analyze.

A Basic Guide to Top 50 Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used in our daily life with examples in 2023 Tezeract

Using advanced image recognition techniques, AI can easily analyze medical images by identifying patterns in medical images that are narrow to the human naked eye and are very critical to spot. This helps doctors to make quick & accurate decisions in crucial times. 

A group of researchers develops an AI tool that helps doctors in treating COVID-19 by making decisions like, If a person needs ventilator support for it it will cause lung cancer to it.  

Diagnostic & Treatment

The medical images are diagnosed by AI-based systems that will look for abnormal behavior and patterns and provide information on deviation from the norm. AI in diagnostics can analyze a massive amount of data for medical research to better and early diagnose deadly diseases like cancer, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. There are 3D face models that help cosmetic surgeons to do surgeries.

For example, There is software that lets you diagnose early melanoma by taking pictures of your skin and consulting the doctor at the right time. 

NCBI has developed an advanced system to label different types of Covid-19 Pneumonia by using different X-rays analysis. The system shows 92.9% precision and recall.

A Basic Guide to Top 50 Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used in our daily life with examples in 2023 Tezeract


Freenome uses AI models and Deep Learning techniques to diagnose blood tests, detect cancer in its earliest stages, and suggest proper and improved treatment for it.

Medicine Making

Using the cutting-edge technology of Artificial Intelligence in the medical field, the time developing new drugs daily has significantly reduced. Now AI is being used in medicine making.

AI will analyze the formula and chemicals used in existing drugs and based on that structure the fresh ones. Artificial Intelligence makes predictions about drug effectiveness and helps in reducing the cost of development. Pharmaceutical companies are using AI to discover the relationship between drugs and disease for making functional drugs.

For example, Reverie Labs is a pharmaceutical company that uses machine learning tools for drug discovery and design to search more about cancer and develop effective cancer treatments.

Administrative task management

At hospitals, a massive amount of patient records are stored on paper and in an unsystematic manner, making it difficult for doctors to analyze and find answers to their queries. AI technology will solve this problem by storing all the data set in structure form in a digital device, also techniques like OCR can be used to find out the desired documents in minutes by just entering their name into the device. With this automation, doctors can serve their time in the diagnosis of serious diseases in an optimal manner.

AI in task management can be used to govern administrative tasks like storing patient records, managing organizational documents, health care process claims, appointment booking & scheduling. This will help healthcare sectors to reduce the prices of medical services and provide quality treatment.

AI Use Cases In Education

Smart Content Creation

Artificial intelligence can be used to create smart content like digital textbooks, guides, images, and videos along with exercises to examine students’ results. Smart content makes teaching and learning procedures more smooth and more enjoyable, as it can be accessed anywhere. The content will frequently be updated and the user is notified when new content is added.

AI-powered systems offer a great visualized experience to the students, and technologies like AR/VR can be used to make stunning visuals to explain complex structures and analogies.

Personalized learning

Unlike traditional learning systems, AI offers a personalized experience of learning for every student based on their field of interest, ability to learn, and knowledge level. It helps students to fill the gap in their knowledge and master subjects that they haven’t learned. AI personalized learning helps the teacher manage and design lessons as per individual pace of learning, adopting concepts, so every student gets an appreciative level of education and stays motivated!

Process automation

AI can automate administrative and organizational tasks, Teachers and instructors have to manage many non-teaching tasks, marking attendance, grading assignments, checking homework, making presentations, and designing reports. AI software automates all these repetitive tasks and helps them to focus on their core task of teaching students.

A Basic Guide to Top 50 Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used in our daily life with examples in 2023 Tezeract

There are specialized Chatbots that are 24/7 available on the internet to answer students’ frequently asked questions optimally. They are accessible to everyone from everywhere, helping tutors to answer queries and students to search for the answer in lengthy books.

For example, there is specially designed software that marks student’s automated attendance and keeps the track of students from reaching school to getting back home safely, helping both parents and teachers.

Promote learning

Artificial Intelligence makes education globally available to all students. There is specially designed software that generates automated subtitles of lectures and generates voice from slides presentation for those students who have visual and hearing disabilities. With the help of Natural Language Processing, machines can speak different languages, translate content and make auto-image captioning.

Literature and writing

Artificial can be used for writing and editing text. There are tools like Grammarly, which can be used to review and revise writing checks in documents, check spelling and mistakes, and grammatical errors and provide suggestions based on writing preferences. 

Tools like ChatGPT can also be used for AI in writing to write long essays in multiple languages to keep plagiarism in check, helping teachers to write summaries of chapters, authors to write long books, and students to complete their assignments. 

AI use cases in sports

Training and coaching

Coaches are now using Artificial Intelligence to train and excel in the skills of their athletes. AI helps to create customized diet plans for the different players based on their needs and behavior. Coaches deeply analyze their teams’ strengths and weaknesses using ML models’ data to change their strategies and defeat their opponents in the game.

For example, this AI-specialized application helps trainers provide virtual coaching to their players from anywhere, by recording and uploading a video for their players that they can watch anytime based on their preferences.

Analyzing Player performance

AI with the help of predictive analysis can be used to analyze and boost player performance. Computer vision, using Object Detection Algorithms can be used to monitor and track player motion and poses in gameplay and give suggestions where there is a need for improvement. This runs on all sports like Basketball, Table tennis, Football, Cricket, and Golf.

For example, AI-designed systems help athletes to real-time measure their performances by watching videos and getting AI-based suggestions to improve their posses in a certain way to improve and master their skills.

A Basic Guide to Top 50 Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used in our daily life with examples in 2023 Tezeract

Match predictions

By analyzing past data AI-based match predictions can be made for sports outcomes. For example, AI can accurately predict the result of a match by training a computer vision model based on several factors like The number of goals scored, the number of passes between teammates in football, the Wickets remaining, and the required run rate in cricket. 

AI Use cases in nature

Disaster Awareness And Prediction

Natural disasters are one of the major calamities that can destroy civilizations in seconds. Huge giants like Google are using AI to detect early threats of earthquakes, floods, and any other disasters and inform the authorities and local people about the risks. AI can also be used to predict natural hazards in food & agriculture. For example, AI can predict the real-time presence of locusts and their movement by analyzing remote-sensing images.

Wildlife Conservation

AI can be used to prevent and improve wildlife conversion, AI can help you track the animal movement, for instance where they go, and as a result, where which habits need to be protected. 


As the population is globally increasing, the need for food will also increase, which means farmers need to harvest more crops. There are specially designed robots to monitor and spray crops in precise amounts, pick fruit from trees, and do other farmer-related tasks. An agriculture startup developed software called, Plantix that uses image recognition to detect defects in plants and suggest predictions and solutions. 

Wildfire Prevention

We have often seen fires break out in the middle of the forest causing massive burnout of trees and deaths of wild animals. These explosions are often erupted by catastrophic fires caused by wildland fuels. There are specially formulated softwares that can detect these environmental exposure risks and prevent wildfire events by detecting the areas that are at high risk through satellite monitoring

AI use cases in HR Management


Hiring is a crucial step for an organization. Interviewing a long list of candidates and selecting the best one is a very time-consuming and hectic process for a recruiter to optimize this hiring process AI plays an important role. There are AI-based recruitment tools that automate the hiring process within a single space. 

AI with the help of Behaviour and sentiment analysis techniques can take live online interviews and evaluate candidates based on their decision-making skills, their way of taking and delivering to select and opt for the best choices for the organization, and helping HR to be more productive.

Employee Monitoring and Retention 

Using the right AI tools you can manage the performance and productivity of employees by analyzing their KPIs to see how well they are doing and provide real-time feedback to them. AI will improve employee satisfaction in your organization, also helping you to figure out which employees will mostly be going to be retained based on their improvement and accomplishment.

AI use cases in Art & Entertainment


AI can provide an improved user experience based on their preferences by providing personalized suggestions when you open a music video on apps like Spotify, Netflix, and Youtube. AI can also generate music and helps musicians to write songs and compositions.


AI can be used for dancing by helping choreographers, and dance instructors teach their students new dance moves, and skills to master the art of dance. There are specially designed softwares that serves as a virtual dance platform that provides real-time analysis of students’ dance moves based on the steps and poses they made to improve their experience.

A Basic Guide to Top 50 Industries Use cases and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Used in our daily life with examples in 2023 Tezeract


With the help of AI, developers have developed intelligent games. These applications provide an advanced and improved experience to the gamer. The application is designed to measure anxiety in-game defeat, this helps to study and minimize depression in games and people in general. Using augmented and virtual reality some of the games provide a 3D and artistic experience to their users.

Photo Editing 

Artificial Intelligence can be used in photo editing to generate stunning photos, visuals, and clips. The AI tools are designed with Computer Vision and Neural Style Transfer Models to style images i.e apply artistic filters, remove background, smooth skin, and add digital makeup on images.

Video Editing

AI Video Editing tools can also be used to cut a long video short within a second without the need for any manual effort. AI techniques can analyze and automatically understand the content of the video, predict critical events and create a shot to summarize the video. It can be used to generate highlights, reels, snaps, etc.


Using augmented and virtual reality, Beauty salons can provide a personalized experience by giving recommendations to users, for example, you can virtually try on make-up to see how it looks on your skin and buy beauty products according to your skin tone, and try different face masks. E-commerce websites are also using virtual reality to help you try things virtually in real-time and buy at your preference.

More AI Use Cases

Smart Assistance & web searches

Using Artificial Intelligence we can now have a conversation with digital assistance, we need to speak and the device will understand our voice using speech recognition and Natural Language Processing Algorithms and return the result in the form of text. Voice assistants like Google, Cortana, Siri, and Alexa are the perfect example of this. The smart keyboard you used on your phone that helps you enable switch languages and the use of autocorrect are also one of AI usage.

Navigation and Travel 

When you try a search on the web, google makes suggestions for you, these are AI-generated recommendations based on your search history, age, interest, and other personal details. Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN) and Graphical Neural Networks (GNN) help update routes, and tell information about cycling lanes and parking spots. Apps like Google maps, analyze real-time traffic and suggest optimized routes to your target destination.


That’s a wrap folk!

Hopefully, this article has provided you with much information about how Artificial Intelligence is being used by many industries with examples. I have tried to discuss as many use cases of AI in our daily life as possible. There are several benefits Artificial Intelligence provides in routined tasks, Apart from that all these applications of AI are helping many people around the globe.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence is an unpredictable field and has the power to bring automation in every sector of industry, From business to retail, manufacturing to transportation, Healthcare to medicine, sports to entertainment, beautiful art, and much more with endless possibilities. AI is here to help mankind now it’s upon us how we make use of it. We must ensure that we positively make use of Artificial Intelligence.

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