This AI Motion Dance App is one of Tezeract’s AI Business Solution developed using Pose Estimation Techniques. The biggest challenge and idea behind the Dance App was to transform a physical dance platform into a virtual space, without compromising the goal of making students master the art of dance under professionals’ supervision. Dance App was supposed to tutor students using AI Analysis and generating fully automated feedback as well as highlight the areas of improvement. Dance App was required to be made using Computer Vision Algorithms, Python-Flask backend based on AI Analysis, and React for frontend dashboards and interface for different users i.e. Admin and User, all this keeping an attractive and exciting UI and UX.

dance score board of ai motion dance
Person pose detected Pose estimation techniques

Technology stack used

 All these technologies collectively play a part in developing this AI Business Solution using Pose Estimation Techniques.



React Native



pose estimation techniques of dance

The Key System Features

Take virtual lessons

Watch pre-recorded dance lessons uploaded exclusively by experts for beginners to learn from, virtually

Record your performance

Have your take at dance lessons by recording video in Real Time and get similarity scores for your performances which is done by applying different types of pose estimation techniques

Feedback by AI analysis

Learn from experts and Improve your skills with fully automated and custom feedback generated by Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered pose estimation system helps

Join a dance
academy virtually

Take dance classes through
pre-recorded videos

Watch and follow dance
lessons by experts

Record your performance for
quick feedback

Get auto generated AI Analysis to
improve Pose Estimation Techniques

Become Dance expert with
just an App


AI Motion Dance App is an AI-Based Solution that ritualized the experience of a dance academy by replacing it with a web based application, enabling users to watch and learn from dance video lessons by professionals and improve their skills through AI Based Analysis, feedback and comments on their dance performances.

Dance app serves multiple users i.e. Dance trainers and Dance students, providing them with Different Pose Estimation Techniques to smoothly carry out the processes within a dance academy. 

The core functionality of Dance App is to enable Dance instructors to manage their dance class, upload dance video lectures and keep track of each student’s performance as well as progress for every lecture.

Suggestions for pose estimation
Analysis table of AI dance motion

For Dance students, this application lets them watch their respective teacher’s lesson, record their own videos and let AI generate automated analysis and results on performance. 

Dance app leverages state of art AI Technology and Computer Vision Algorithms for video processing, human body movement assessment, comparison between videos, similarity scores, and generation of constructive feedback. These core functionalities are implemented in Python and Flask frameworks with connection of MongoDB and bucket storage to keep records of every instructor, every class, and every student with no difficulty.

Dance App successfully removes the barrier of being physically present in a dance academy by digitalizing it enables users to easily learn and be better at what they love!