Konnect is an AI-powered recommendation engine built using advanced machine learning and Natural language processing models. It was already an existing social app built to democratize local human connection. The main idea behind this personalized recommendation tool was to deliver customized recommendations to globally connect people having the same interests with AI. 

The major challenge behind Konnect was to convert filter based recommendations into a personalized recommendation engine with AI that empowers users to effortlessly link with compatible individuals from all around the world, fostering meaningful connections and enriching their social experiences. This one of the Tezeract projects on that delivers recommendations that are specially tailored to each and every individual preference. 

Mobile Mockup, Konnect

Technology stack used




Mobile Mockup, Konnect

The Key System Features

Tailored Recommendation

With Konnect, users receive customized recommendations that match their unique interests and preferences, ensuring a more relevant and engaging social experience.

Feedback on Recommendation

It allows users to provide their feedback on custom made recommendations and gradually improve its personalized recommendation tool from feedbacks.

Global Recommendation Engine

It is trained on billions of data from worldwide so that it can provide custom recommendations to millions of people globally at the same time.

AI-powered recommendation engine Helps

Connect with like-minded individuals
worldwide for meaningful relationships.

Enhanced social experiences through
AI-powered recommendations.

Serving users globally with
customized recommendations

Effortless linking with
compatible individuals

Personalized social connections for
users with similar interests.

Provide feedback on the customized recommendation delivered


Konnect is an personalized recommendation tool developed using advanced machine learning and Natural Language Processing models. It aims to deliver tailored suggestions, connecting individuals worldwide who share similar interests through the power of AI. 

It is integrated with an AI-powered recommendation engine to produce custom-made recommendations. It simplifies the process of finding and connecting with people who share your passions, making it easier than ever to initiate conversations and build new relationships.

Mobile Mockup, Konnect
Mobile Mockup, Konnect

Konnect’s advanced algorithms ensure that users receive highly accurate and relevant content suggestions based on their specific interests and preferences. It allows users to discover like-minded individuals from different corners of the globe, providing a diverse range of connections.

If you are a person who loves to communicate and connect to people with similar perspectives then this is one of best Tezeract AI solution is for you. It leads to more satisfying social interactions, fosters a sense of belonging and community, and broadens users’ social circles by introducing them to people from diverse backgrounds and locations through delivering AI-powered personalized recommendations.