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Minmini is an AI-based data labeling platform developed using object detection and image annotation techniques to automate the laborious process of labeling large quantities of data for AI models. The app addresses the challenges faced by companies in labeling their massive amount of data and offering users a chance to enhance skills and earn income through a streamlined process

The main idea behind the app was to design an image annotation software that makes image labeling for big AI models fun and easy for people who train huge data AI models. It helps AI model trainers effortlessly find the right people for the job at the right time, which is crucial because image labeling can be a tough and time-consuming process.

Minmini Tezeract

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Minmini Tezeract

The Key System Features

Create a contest

The client can create multiple contests for labeling data by uploading images if they want.

Set priorities

Clients can set the priority of the contest based on its urgency data if they want to label data quickly more money will be charged

Earn Money

Users can earn money by labeling the images 

The AI-based data labeling platform helps

Make data labeling easy and
handy for layman

Automates the tiring
process of data labeling

Provide users a way of
earning through labeling

Manage and Monitor
Your Labeling Projects

Helps companies to
label their data swiftly

Millions of images
are labeled in seconds


Minmini is an AI-powered Image labeling tool built for data scientists, data labeling companies, and a layman who want to earn money through simple data labeling. 

It comprises two main interfaces a super admin panel for comprehensive monitoring of admin activities and a dedicated admin panel for data labeling companies to create labeling contests, set monetary rewards for each contest, and even prioritize contests based on urgency by adjusting the associated prices.

For users, It gives them their own space where they can label pictures and keep track of their work. Every time they label a picture, they earn money, and it goes into their virtual wallet. When they want, they can take the money out.

Minmini Tezeract
Minmini Tezeract

It is the most flexible data labeling platform where users can join image labeling competitions and earn rewards. As image labeling is a long and a little repetitive work, It helps companies to easily tackle their data labeling tasks by joining it and creating contests.

It’s a sophisticated yet user-friendly tool designed for large-scale AI model training. By adding elements of enjoyment and rewards, it turns the typically cumbersome task of data labeling into a dynamic and collaborative process, benefiting both organizations and contributors. With 70% automation in data labeling for large models, It streamlines processes, enhancing overall efficiency.