Alisia is an OCR Detection System developed for organizations, firms, and institutions to manage necessary logs, essential files, and important documents of their employees within a single system. It automates the manual data entry process through AI and OCR smart search. The main challenge behind the app was to design a system to manage multiple organizations’ data and workflow within a single environment and to detect and extract meaningful data from users’ documents.

This OCR system has three main end-users; Super Admin, Admin, and the general user. Admin can add multiple users in an organization, multiple users can add multiple projects, and can create multiples file and folders where they can upload their documents. All this is done hierarchically. Above all, a super admin can get full insights into the entire operation.

Technology stack used






OCR Detection System , UI

The Key System Features

Multiple applications

It comprises two applications one for Super Admin and the other for admin and regular user

File management

Admin and user can manage their file system in folders and various projects.

OCR Detection

User uploads a document i.e invoices, Id cards, etc and OCR detects and extracts meaningful information

Export documents

User can export the extracted file in JSON, XML, or CSV formats on the desired devices

AI File Management System Solutions Includes

Alisia is an Automated File Management system solution for organizations it was developed using OCR detection techniques to manage all file & folder directories and to do smart searches on them.

Alisia icon

Super Admin App

The Super Admin app is responsible for all the organization and firm who has subscribed to the platform. It keeps track and records of all the payment history, the number of organizations and their admin, and the number of users in each organization. How many projects are created in the organization and how many files and folders are added or removed.

management icon

Management App

An app developed for organizations to manage their organization data, employee data, and administration data within a powerful platform. There is a different interface for both the admin and users. Each admin and user can create various projects and numerous files or folders and multiple documents in it for OCR detection and smart search.

AI-powered Automated File Management System helps

Increase productivity and save time through automated workflows

Turn your read-only files into
editable text formats

Smartly search documents by text without knowing the title

Export files in different formats

Option of multiple languages
is available

Keep a record of the management
of organizations

OCR Detection System

OCR image

Image acquisition & processing

Uploaded document is recognized through Pattern and text recognition file it sent to its templates

Data extraction and verification

The field are specified in the templates and data is extracted and verified and sent to export.

Export Image

The user can download or export the file in different formats available i.e CSV.JASON,PDF, XML.


Alisia is Automated File Management System developed using Machine learning algorithms and Optical Character Recognition techniques to help organizations seamlessly innovate their workflows by replacing manual data entry processes with automated processes.

Alisia comprises two main interfaces one for the Super Admin app for supervision and a Management app for the organization including its Admins and Users.

The basic flow of the app is that each organization has its respective admin and users, having their interfaces to manage logs create folders and add files & documents for OCR detection and smart search

alisia admin dashboard
alisia super admin dashboard

The OCR detection application uses Advance Machine Learning Algorithms and OCR Detection techniques like Image Processing, Character Recognition, and Data Extraction. Users can add four types of documents including Invoices, Id documents, and Signatures for processing it auto-extracts meaningful data fields and generates editable text format receipts which can be exported in four different file formats i.e XML, JSON, PDF, and CSV.

Users can smartly search documents from the processed file with any text or keywords and get all the files containing it saving up unnecessary time spent in searching and increasing their productivity It aims to help organizations and firm to revamp their workflows and data entry processes.