Voltox is a fully automated Bio-metric and KYC Tool built using Advance computer vision and OCR scanning techniques. It serves many purposes like KYC or identity verification through AI-powered liveness detection solutions and passwordless authentication via real-time facial recognition. The main idea of Voltox is that it’s a generalized solution that can be used by industries like Banks, Fintech, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Tourism, Insurance, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Retail, etc.

Voltox solves many challenges that customers and users come across every day in online registration and manual login processes by automating them using AI-powered techniques that help users register at once through ID card scanning and liveness detection Once registered, users can enjoy the convenience of password-free logins with just a single click while encrypting their sensitive data all thanks to real-time face recognition technology.

Technology stack used






Mobile Mockup, Voltox

The Key System Features

Registration and KYC

Scan your documents in real-time and register yourself on voltox. The data extracted from documents will be stored.

Liveness Authentication

Liveness is checked by asking the user to perform specific gestures to detect that user is live and is not fraud.

Facial Recognition

Real-time facial recognition to detect and authenticate user identity by matching the user’s face within the database.

Login with Voltox

Click on the login with voltox button, first check your liveness and then detect and authenticate your face to make you log in. 

Payment with Voltox

Automatically make secure transactions and payments by just recognizing your face through payment with voltox.

KYC and Identity Verification Solution

Voltox is a complete KYC tool that can be used to revolutionalize your registration, payment, and checkout processes through liveness detection and facial recognition securely and efficiently.

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Super Admin App

This Super Admin App is responsible for maintaining the records of all the organizations, industries, and people who are using voltox. It keeps track of all profile details of the admins, user profile information, ID card data, login history, transactions, billing, and invoices to protect the sensitive information of its users.

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Admin App

The admin application is designed for the industries using the services of voltox. It places a strong emphasis on data security and encryption to safeguard the sensitive information of its users. All user data, including names, ID cards, credit cards, and important documents, is securely stored in the application’s database.

AI-powered Bio-metric and KYC Tool Includes

Effective fraud prevention by liveness detection and secure identity verification

Register yourself by quickly scanning your ID documents through Advance OCR detection

Analyze gestures like eyes blinking, and
smiling twice to detect liveness using AI

Login with Voltox using FR by biometric verification of your facial landmarks

Get passwordless authentication within seconds through face recognition

Keyword-free identity verification through automatic data extraction

How Does Voltox AI-powered liveness detection solution Work

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Adjust Your face

Make your face adjusted according to your camera close to the screen by following the provided instructions

Complete required gestures

Perform relevant gestures like blinking your eyes and smiling twice to ensure your liveness.

Get Authenticated

When liveness is passed user gets authenticated if it’s a registered ad verified user in the database


Voltox is an Automated Bio-metric and KYC Tool. It’s an In-house software product and one if Tezeract SaaS solution that is used to revolutionize online registration, and payment methods process by frictionless login and sign-in through real-time face recognition and live detection. It allows users to log in biometrically through face recognition without entering a password to have a hassle-free check-out experience.

Voltox majorly covers four services i.e. Login with voltox, Pay with voltox, Face recognition, Liveness authentication, and Registration with KYC. 

It comprises three main interfaces, i.e., A Super Admin dashboard for globally supervising admin and user applications, An Admin app to keep track of organization users and their data, and a User panel where end users can see their data payment history and transaction details. 

Desktop Mockup, Voltox
Desktop Mockup, Voltox

Voltox is fully automated using Artificial Intelligence that uses Computer Vision, Machine Learning algorithms, and OCR detection & scanning techniques. Users first register themselves on voltox by passing liveness by performing certain gestures and then scanning required ID documents, the information extracted through OCR will be stored in Database for later use. 

Users can log in with voltox by just passing liveness and recognizing its faces, Facial recognition will automatically detect the facial landmarks of the user and match them in data to authenticate. User can also pay their bills, buy utilities, and have secure transactions all this is done automatically without typing a single keyword while having their sensitive information secure and encrypted.

Voltox provides a broad range of secure, powerful, and efficient methods to have frictional identity verification and authentication eliminating the risks of fraud and spoofing attacks by encrypting user credentials, personal information, and transactional data. It helps you acquire more customers and maintain your user experience by offering safe and effective check-ins and convenient check-outs to achieve your business goals and have a maximized ROI.