Kai-GPT is an AI-powered music assistant that helps musicians and artists to find all the necessary music-related information from career guidance to album launches and music generation all in a single place. It provides professional and personalized music information to users with just 1 click. 

The major challenge in developing AI assistant for music and entertainment was to automate the manual hassle faced by artists and musicians to gather all the necessary music-related information. This process is time-consuming and requires extensive research. This was a difficult task as the AI assistant had to provide all the relevant information to the user and generate responses that are correct and authentic.  

KAI-GPT Tezeract

Technology stack used



React Native



KAI-GPT Tezeract

The Key System Features

One-stop music solution

KAIGPT is your music generation co-pilot that provides all the relevant information regarding the music industry in just one click.

Chat history

KAIGPT stores the history of each chat providing users accessibility to look at old chats or to regrate any answer from the chat. 

Builtin Prompts Available

There are several built-in prompts available for multiple scenarios such as career advice, artist marketing strategy, etc.

AI-powered music assistant helps

Empower your AI music
abilities like never before

Provides all the music industry
information in just one click

Simply input your commands and
KAIGPT will deliver unique AI music results.

Get all information from music
generation to career advice in one go

Saves time and ensures a
seamless alignment of artistic vision.

Your AI-powered music
generation co-pilot


KAIGPT is an AI assistant for music and entertainment developed using advanced LLMs models and AI technologies. It combines music industry knowledge with artificial intelligence to augment and optimize every facet of the music business. From artist marketing strategy to career progression, the platform is tuned to the industry’s unique rhythm, ensuring that creativity and innovation never miss a beat.


KAIGPT stands as a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of music assistance, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and resources tailored specifically for artists and musicians ensuring that they can easily bring musical ideas to life 

KAI-GPT Tezeract
KAI-GPT Tezeract

It is designed to alleviate the burdensome manual tasks that often bog down creatives, KAIGPT streamlines the process of accessing crucial music-related information, all within a singular, user-friendly platform. KAIGPT empowers artists to scale their careers, make meaningful connections, and thrive in the ever-evolving music landscape. 


If you are a person who loves music then this AI music assistant is definitely for you. KAIGPT is packed with innovative features designed to empower your AI music abilities like never before.