Doozoo is a cutting-edge AI-powered graphic designing tool that uses image generation and natural language understanding to automate the laborious process of designing visual content such as graphics, ads, videos, and banners. The app was created with the goal of providing creative agencies an automated tool that would save them time and effort on repetitive design tasks.

The major challenge in developing Doozoo was to automate the entire design process, from requirement gathering to design creation, all in one place, from days to seconds, while maintaining simplicity and flexibility. This was a challenging task because it required the AI app to be able to understand and interpret user requirements and generate designs that meet those requirements.

Technology stack used






Desktop Mockup, Doozoo

The Key System Features

AI Chat

Chat with Doozoo to provide your design requirements


Built-in templates

Use built-in templates or customized templates


AI-generated design

Get AI-generated design right at your inbox in few minutes

The AI-powered Graphic Designing tool includes

Team management icon

Admin App

This Admin App is responsible for maintaining the records of all the brands, agencies, and designers. It can take design requests. Assign designer teams to brands. Make sure design delivery to brands

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Client App

A client panel is designed for brands and agencies. In this panel, client can submit their design request via Chabot or can select pre-build design templates


Team management icon

Designers Panel

The designers panel is for all the designers working at Doozoo with responsibility to resolve the brand’s design change requests and feedbacks.

The AI-powered graphic designing tool Helps

Get AI-generated design with
just one click

Design engaging and attractive
visuals in seconds

Save your time and energy
for the design team

Remove the hassle of
requirement gathering.

Accelerate your
design workflow

Get all your design needs
done faster

How Does Doozoo AI Chat Work

Desktop Mockup, Doozoo

Requirements gathering

Provide necessary requirements and details about the brand including color schemes, taglines, logo, etc, with the specific information regarding the design you want to create

AI-generated design

The AI chatbot will take your requirements and provide you with the best possible design ad graphics matching your brand identity

Feedback on design

You can provide your feedbacks on the AI-Generated designs by adding your comments and it will be resolved by team of designers.


Doozoo is an AI-powered graphic design tool built for branding agencies, creative studios, and design teams to design stunning visuals, banners, mockups, and posts in seconds using AI. 

Doozoo comprises three main interfaces one for the Admin app for supervision a client portal for the brands and agencies to manage and create their designs and a designers panel for designers.

It provides clients with a selection of pre-made templates to choose from for their designs. Clients can also provide feedback or make change requests on the designs which designers can then review and address.

mobile mockup, doozoo
Desktop Mockup, Doozoo

Doozoo also helps people to work together and keeps track of different versions of designs. It has a big collection of design ideas and templates too. This way, creative companies can do their work faster and not get stuck doing the same thing over and over again.

However, the potential benefits of such an AI tool are significant. It could save creative agencies a significant amount of time and money, allowing them to produce higher-quality designs more quickly. Additionally, it could make it possible for anyone to create professional-looking designs, regardless of their design skills.

It is changing how we make pictures and designs, using computers and making it easy for everyone. It’s the future of graphic design!