Deepduck is an AI-driven Face Swapping tool developed using Deepfake and Computer Vision technologies that allow users to effortlessly transfer and swap faces between two different images, gifs, or videos. The idea behind Deepduck was to design an AI video generator, photo editor, and GIF maker for fast and realistic face swapping. 

The main challenge in Deepduck for creating a realistic and natural face swap was to replicate the facial expressions and features like skin tone, texture, face movement, etc of one image onto the other. Deepduck was built to entertain users by replicating famous people, celebrities, or anyone with their faces to create hilarious images, videos, gifs, and memes.

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Technology stack used



React Native



Deepduck Mockup

The Key System Features

Upload a file

User can upload a file in multiple files like Images, GIFs, and Video for face swapping.

A separate locker

User can save their AI-generated swaps in a separate password-protected locker on cloud for their safety.

Astonishing results

It generates high-quality and realistic results of face swaps.

AI-powered Automated Face Swapping tool helps

Easily swap faces in your
videos, images, and gifs

Deliver exceptional and
realistic face-swapping results

Store your face swap in a
password-protected locker

Create funny memes of
friends using AI face swap

Make Models with
Face Swap for Video Display

Share amazing results
with your social media friends


Deepduck is a web application built using AI-driven Deepfake technologies and Computer Vision solutions. It helps users to edit and transform their images, videos, and gifs. This tool can be used to produce high-quality and natural results according to your desire by using AI-driven Face swapping.

If you are a person that loves making funny videos, gifs, and memes then you should surely try to edit to keep a touch of creativity in it. Deepduck makes this happen by allowing users to swap their faces with famous individuals, celebrities, friends, or even objects, resulting in humorous images, videos, gifs, comics, and memes.

Deepduck Mockup
Deepduck Mockup

Deepduck is an advanced face-swapping tool to seamlessly transfer and swap faces between images, gifs, or videos. It offers a user-friendly experience for effortlessly generating AI-powered videos, editing photos, and creating GIFs with fast and highly realistic face-swapping capabilities.

This tool aims to help Marketers, Content Creators, Filmmakers, and Makeup and Digital artists to use them in producing engaging visuals and entertaining content, designing eye-catching promotional videos, creating comic sketches, and to create the artistic make-up look, and trying virtual makeup by swapping faces from one to another.