Upstar is a fully automated AI-based soccer coaching app that is specially designed for children to improve their soccer players’ skills by providing real-time feedback. The initial idea was to create a virtual soccer coach that incorporates advanced AI functionalities to teach soccer enthusiasts to master new skills and become Pro in soccer.  

It’s a very difficult and time-consuming task to train and monitor each athlete individually without any biases. Upstar automates this manual soccer coaching process by replacing it with an automated virtual soccer coach that uses Artificial Intelligence and computer vision technologies to instantly evaluate soccer skills of athletes to boost their development anywhere, anytime, with personalized feedback right in their pocket.

Upstar Tezeract

Technology stack used



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Upstar Tezeract

The Key System Features

AI-based Analysis

Upload your video for AI analysis of pace, movements, and postures to improve performance.

Get a competitive edge

Get a competitive edge by monitoring your position on the similar age group scoreboard and improving yourself

Multiple skill sharpening features

Get access to multiple skill-sharpening features like scorer, 20x with the ball, parker, mobility, and much more to improve performances of athletes in soccer.

AI-based soccer coaching app helps

Giving each and every player the
opportunity to develop their skills

Train yourself anywhere, anytime,
without the need for a coach.

Get AI-based analysis on your
performance by an AI sports coach.

Provide real-time feedback and
improve players soccer skills.

Elevate your skills and climb the
leaderboard with improved performance.

Access unbiased coaching
right at your fingertips.


Upstar is an automated AI-based soccer coaching app designed using artificial intelligence and computer vision to give users a sporty experience by monitoring their soccer skills and improvements, giving them a competitive edge over other players.


It’s an AI tool for sports coaches that serves as a virtual soccer coach for players by allowing players to record and upload their sports action videos to the app, get AI-generated feedback, and monitor their performance on the leaderboard to stay competitive.

Upstar Tezeract
Upstar Tezeract

Upstar is now a well-known AI sports coach that offers personalized tricks, training, and tests to enable soccer athletes to elevate their performances. It supports soccer clubs and coaches in identifying and scouting talented players, easing the talent hunt process. It has multiple skill-sharpening features, like scorer, 20x with the ball, parker, mobility, speed, parker, and much more, to improve the performances of athletes in soccer.

The app is fully automated as it uses artificial intelligence to analyze videos. It employs computer vision solutions and deep learning algorithms to extract insights and perform mathematical calculations. The highly accurate results are then used to provide users with guidelines on how to improve themselves. The objective is to entertain sports fans as well as assist them in learning, improving, and becoming better soccer athletes.