Picture Perfect is an AI-powered photo editing tool built using advanced computer vision solutions and techniques. The initial idea of Picture-Perfect was to create a highly customized AI tool that could seamlessly transform a group of individuals from a video into a single flawless image.

The main challenge behind AI App was to capture perfect frame of an image from a 10-second video.  It lets users record a video and pick the best frames with perfect shots of people, offering them impeccable images to preserve their travel experiences and memories

Mobile mockup, picture prefect

Technology stack used

 All these technologies collectively play a part in developing this advanced computer vision solutions



React Native


Mobile mockup, picture prefect

The Key System Features

A perfect portrait

Record a 10-second video to get a ideal portrait image in which every individual looks perfect.

A customized gallery

User gets a customized project gallery where they can view their captured image collections.

Editing your portrait

User can also edit the portrait provided by the AI app and get frame that they like the most.

AI-powered Photo Editing Tool helps

Transform your distorted images
into flawless portraits

Edit your images to get the
perfect portrait of your choice

Save time by capturing ideal
portraits with just one click

Organize your portraits in a separate customized gallery

Perfectly capture every moment
of your trip in seconds

Effortlessly turn your ordinary
photos into memorable portraits.


Picture Perfect is an AI-powered photo editing tool built using advanced computer vision solutions that is utilized for extracting ideal frames from videos, making it a valuable resource for photo enthusiasts looking to capture stunning portraits.

With just one click, this Tezeract ai solution takes the complexity out of photography, allowing you to effortlessly capture captivating images of people, events, and your adventures

Mobile mockup, picture prefect
Mobile mockup, picture prefect

From stunning portraits to lively event shots and breathtaking travel memories, It assists every photoholic to snap eye-catching images of every moment with just one click. This tool streamlines the process of capturing perfectly composed images by enabling users to record a video and effortlessly extract relevant frame of portrait, saving them both time and effort.

This AI app offers a 10-second capture feature by allowing users to simply hold their camera steady and ask their subjects to stand still for the best results.