SWI is an AI-powered sentiment analysis tool built to address the unique challenge of providing adequate care and support for elderly individuals who depend on caretakers due to their age-related concerns. As these seniors face difficulties in expressing their needs and experiences, SWI with its Sentiment Analysis technology, ensures that they receive the best possible care. It is specifically designed to bridge the communication gap between parents/senior citizens and their children to enhance the quality of elderly care.

SWI makes it easier for elders to share their daily activities with their children by just recording audios and sending it to their loved ones in real-time. SWI analyzes and scans the recorded voices of parents to detect the opinions, sentiments, and emotions expressed in their voices and automatically rates their sentiments in the score chart using advanced sentiment analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms.

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SWI Tezeract

Technology Stack Used in SWI



React Native

Nest JS


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The Key System Features

Recording an audio clip

Parents can share their daily routine care by recording an audio clip from their mobile device.

AI-based Sentiment Analysis

Get AI-based sentiment analysis on your parents’ moods, emotions, and feelings.

Automated Chart Table

Children can have real-time monitoring of their parent’s care by watching an automated sentiment chart.

AI-powered Sentiment Analysis Tool Helps

Monitor your parents' health by
reviewing their medical records.

Parents can send real-time health
updates to their family members.

Ensure that your parents are
receiving adequate care.

Worry less about monitoring your
parents' health while you are away.

It bridges the gap between
parents, caregivers, and children.

Keep track of your parent's medications,
treatments, activities, and moods.


SWI is an automated mobile application built using machine learning algorithms and advanced sentiment analysis techniques. It is one of the Tezeract ai solutions that  allows parents to share their experiences and let their children know whether or not they are receiving proper and good care.

SWI employs cutting-edge sentiment analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms to assess and analyze the recorded voices of parents. It detects the sentiments, opinions, and emotions conveyed in their voice, autonomously assigning ratings on a scoreboard ranging from good, to bad, or excellent. It also has an activity dashboard showing how often parents give feedback and a calendar with monthly sentiment averages

SWI Tezeract
SWI Tezeract

As of the Tezeract projects this AI tool for sentiment analysis will help elderly parents and their children stay connected. It can be used by both parents and their children. So that children can observe and monitor their parents’ health and treatment even if the children are not present at home every day.

So that, aside from working and being outside the home, their parents’ health is not compromised.