Photo Retouch is an Automated AI Photo Enhancer developed using Artificial Intelligence and Advance Computer Vision Solutions with the implication of Image Segmentation. It enables users to add effects, and fix and retouch their photos through different image enhancement processes to portray them beautifully and creatively. The main goal was to make user edit their images by adding a WOW effect at any time effortlessly and efficiently.

The main aim behind the development of Photo Retouch was to enable users to create images of high-resolution quality without having a branded device in hand. Photo Retouch comprises three functionalities i.e remove the background from an image without losing the quality, make the picture smooth by eliminating blemishes or fine lines from the face portrait, and do a digital makeover with just one click. As the system uses AI and Advance Image Segmentation Techniques it will not reduce the quality and make the image looks naturally beautiful and admirable. 

Background Remover

Background Remover

Skin Smoothing

Skin Smoothing

Digital Makeup

Digital Makeup

Photoretouch Technology Stack







The Key System Features

Remove Background

Upload an image and removes the background with accuracy and get an image with a transparent background.

Make skin Smooth

Get your face retouched by removing undesired acne, wrinkles, and blemishes on the face to beautify your selfies and images

Apply Makeup

Enhance your pictures by applying digital makeup of your choice, apply lipstick, and mascara blush in the desired quantity.

AI-powered Automated Photo Enhancer Tool helps

Instantly create a transparent background and turn your photos
into art & stunning visuals

Turn of your ordinary photos into
photos you loved by retouching
them in one click.

Make your dull, blurry, dark photos
look perfect by adjusting brightness, saturation, and contrast.

Level up your selfies by easily
smoothing your skin by removing dark spots, wrinkles, and dark circles

Create astonishing pictures for
social media and make your friends
go WOW by applying digital makeup

Design & edit beautiful and
splendid images like a pro without needing any professional


Photo Retouch is a web application build up using Computer Vision functionalities like Image Segmentation for background removal, Face Detection for making your skin smooth and clear, and applying makeup to make your pictures look dazzling and perfect.

This AI Photo Enhancer Tool comprises three main functionalities AI background remover, AI Skin Smoothing to enhance facial features, and Digital makeup to apply makeup on portraits and images.

If you are a selfieholic and want to post your pictures on social media but don’t like the image, need enhancement, or want your face to look brighter and prettier. This app is the solution for that. It revamps your images by removing fine lines, reducing dark spots, and digitally applying makeup of your choice on the face bringing up life to your dull and old photos and making them look gorgeous and eye-catching.


Photo Retouch is an Automated Photo Editor that uses Image segmentation techniques and Advance Computer Vision with some in-depth functionalities of Image Enhancement to remove unwanted background from an image and make the background transparent and clear keeping the subject untouched, the best part is that it will not reduce the quality of the image.

A picture speaks louder than words so this tool will not let users compromise on their average-looking photos by giving them life and saving their time and money to hire professionals. It has built-in touch-up tools that will scale your image for everyday use according to your needs.  Just upload your images and see how the magic begins.