Navex is complete Tracking System and AI tool for schools. It automates all the manual scrutiny required for Facial Recognition Attendance and AI Tracking for buses throughout the process of children onboarding on a school bus to reaching their school, marking their attendance, and getting back home safely. Navex is Tezeract’s AI Business Solution that covers all the security concerns of children to make their parents insecure no more.

Navex has a very wide scope as it serves for multiple challenges that schools and parents come across every day by providing track of children’s whereabouts to parents, students automatic attendance by Facial Recognition Attendance App, children’s safety, and security, and the School, Ride Attendant of bus and Parents coordination.

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The Key System Features

Multiple Interfaces

One for each end user i.e. School, Admin, Parents, Bus Attendant

Facial Recognition

Real Time Attendance of student through facial recognition attendance app

Live Location Monitoring

Geolocation tracking of school buses to notify Parents of a child’s whereabouts.

Live Chat

 Chat feature for coordination of School, Parents and Bus Attendants, anytime.

AI Tool for Schools Included

Navex is a complete AI tool for schools which involves AI Tracking for buses, Real-Time Face Recognition for marking automatic attendance using Machine learning Algorithms, and Deep Learning Techniques.

Parent app

Parent App

A mobile application for parents to be able to track the school bus of their kids through AI Tracking, get notified for the attendance, onboarding on a bus, and also communicate to the school and bus attendant anytime.

School bus

Bus App

An AI Tracking System to be installed on a mounted device on the school bus which provides a track of its movement to the other linked apps, with a Facial Recognition feature to automatically mark students’ attendance, onboarding, and offboarding on the bus. Live chat with School and parents is also enabled.

School Logo

School App

An App developed only for School Administration to keep record of School bus routes, students’ attendance, their parents and nannies, and having access to Live chat with Parents and Bus Attendants.

School Bus

Super Admin App

This App is responsible for maintaining the records of all the schools that have subscribed to this AI Business Solution platform. It keeps track of the data of all the payment history, data of children and their parents, the number of drivers and buses.

AI-powered School Transport Management solution helps

Ensure safety and security of

Live chat with school and
ride attendant

Live monitoring of rides back
and forth to school

Automated Attendance Marking
with Facial Recognition

Real-Time notifications
of events


Facial Recognition Attendance App

This is one of the major Tezeract AI projects for attendance of students using Real-Time Face Recognition, Computer Vision, Machine learning Algorithms to minimize manual efforts and optimize the process of attendance recording of children at schools.

Real time face recognition of student

Real Time Face Recognition

Automatically detects facial landmarks of students on the bus.

Recognize Students

Asks students to perform a random gesture for recognition.

Mark Attendance

On successful recognition marks student attendance and send notification to their parents.


This is one of tezeract’s AI based attendance tool which includes AI Tracking of schools buses, developed using Computer Vision, Machine Learning Algorithms, and Deep learning Techniques, to minimize manual efforts and introduce AI Attendance using Real-Time Face Recognition of children at schools. It also provides Live Location Monitoring and Chats features to facilitate the concerned parties be it School or Parents.

This system comprises of multiple Interfaces i.e. Super Admin Dashboard for supervision, School App to keep track of data in school Database, Bus Application to mark automatic attendance through Real-Time Face Recognition, and Parents Application to watch school bus track and get notified for their kids’ attendance.

Navex Home page
Navex - map for tracking bus

The Attendance marking system uses Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning Techniques, and Computer Vision with adaptive methods i.e. Real-Time Face Recognition Algorithms that automatically track and detects facial landmarks of students on the bus by asking them to perform a random gesture for confirmation, upon successful recognition, compares it to existing student images in the database and marks their AI Attendance as well as notifies their parents.

This system aims to be less time-consuming than traditional methods and at the same time being nonintrusive with the other processes. It promises complete safety and security of children and reduces risks of mishaps. This AI Business Solution helping Tezeract to be a Leading AI Company in Pakistan.