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Computer Vision

We offer expertise in 2D and 3D Computer Vision with Image & Video Analytics leveraging components like Object detections, Facial Recognitions, OCR, Pose Estimation, 3D Modelling and more as well as custom solutions

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Machine learning image

Machine Learning

We provide cutting-edge machine learning services to help businesses automate their workflows, optimize their processes, and maximize productivity, helping businesses stay ahead of their competitors

Data Science & Analytics

We design applications by using the latest technologies giving your business steady growth by providing actionable insights and analytics from big data and clustered information.

Data Science & Analytics
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Predictive Analytics

We offer predictive analytics that can gain valuable insights for your business and predict future trends, manage risk, reduce fraud, and find new revenue opportunities for your business.

NLP & Chatbots

We hold proficiency in building NLP and Chatbot solutions through customization or using the state-of-the-art tools like GPT for businesses to smoothen the process of accommodating users with automated assistance. 

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Audio Analysis

Audio Analysis

We provide service of Audio Analytics and Intelligence by curating solutions using techniques like speech recognition, audio analysis and speech synthesis

Recommendation System

We have expertise in recommendation systems to provide next level personalization with products, content, users and search recommendations using robust and intuitive APIs tailored with complex mathematics and formulation for increased customer satisfaction.

Recommendation System
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UI/UX Designing

We develop intuitive and visually pleasing user interfaces for websites and mobile apps created with technical and analytical research to optimize customer experiences ensuring better engagements.

Mobile & Web App Development

We design and build robust and responsive Web, Android and iOS Apps with scalable architectures and ML integrations to deliver state-of-the-art Real time solutions to keep the industries ahead of the time

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yolo Object Detection on image Image

This Object Detection Solution is developed using Yolo Object Detection Algorithm to identify and locate objects. It can be used to count and determine whether or not an object is detected in a scene

Video Objection Detection is Computer Vision task developed using Yolo Object Detection Algorithm for detecting objects from a video and tracking their precise location, all the while accurately measuring them. This kind of AI Solution can be used for video surveillance and many other cases.

Object detection on vedio
Image Segmentation using computer vision solution

Image Segmentation is a Computer Vision Solution that uses Digital Image Processing Algorithms which aim at dividing an image into separate segments by detecting, tracking and labeling them. This kind of AI Solution is used for image segmentation and detection.

An implementation of Natural Language Generation that produces articles by providing some text as input. This domain of AI Solution generates real and relevant content without any human interference.

Article generator AI Solutions
Blurring skin using face detection

Blurring skin is a methodology in Computer Vision and Image Processing, which is done by using Face Detection in Real-Time and hiding it by blurring it, which is a useful AI Solution for web extensions and apps to hide insensitive content or conceding identities

Knowing your customer’s identity reduces risk and helps eliminate online fraud and crimes. This Face Detection and Facial Recognition Technology is an AI Solution that verifies human identity digitally.

Face detection & KYC
Pose estimation

With the help of the Computer Vision Solution, it is easy to detect humans and track their body movements as they move. Pose Estimation identifies and classifies each body joint which is highly useful AI Solution.